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11th May 2015

Got a handful of people for Planetside 2 but I'm looking to get a more full group. My steam name is eddie as well so message me here or there if you have any questions. Also, if you wouldn't mind putting down a time that you're able to play. Maybe we can coordinate and get a huge fight going.

If you are interested be sure to install AND update before you want to play -- the update process takes a little bit.


We'll be playing New Conglomerate on the Connery server. The group size is 12 max but platoons can be made if we ever need more space, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

TS required
Mic required
Willingness to speak.

That's about it.

What we'll need:
Anything really. There are plenty of roles to play in this game and none of them are restricted. You can upgrade vehicles/weapons/classes to make what you like, but you are never locked in.

Besides the obvious -- engineers, medics, snipers, assault -- we'll need people who like tanks, bombers and aircraft. Most importantly though, there are transport vehicles and we'll need a few people who feel comfortable flying/driving. You don't have to -- nothing is expected. If you chose to do either you'll still be in the fight you'll just have to be 10x better so we don't lose our ship.

Myself, I specialize in Sunderer (large armored transport vehicle). I can fly a Galaxy (large flying transport) but piloting is not something I'm particularly good at.

Again, if you have any questions about classes/vehicles/guns feel free to ask me. And before anyone asks... Light Assault sucks.

Hope to see you on the battlefield.
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13th May 2015

We should play on Emerald
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13th May 2015

While I'd like to accommodate as many people as possible, I'm going to have to stick with Connery. I've been playing on there since beta -- when it wasn't even called Connery yet. My character is pretty well built up: transports, bacon, fully leveled Medic/Engi, etc... I know it's kind of shitty asking people who have already played to switch to a new server, but the people who I've been talking to I've been directing to Connery.

Also, and more importantly I think, I have friends in one of the larger NC outfits. So we'll be able to know where the awesome fighting is and where the pointless 4 hour stalemates are.

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13th May 2015

Connery all the way!
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